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The TurkStream Gas Pipeline

Published on 05/07/2017 12:57

TurkStream will directly connect the large gas reserves in Russia to the Turkish gas transportation network, to provide reliable energy supplies for Turkey, South and Southeast Europe. The offshore component of TurkStream Pipeline will be developed and constructed by South Stream Transport B.V., a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The offshore pipeline will consist of two parallel pipelines running through the Black Sea. Both offshore pipelines will start near Anapa, on the Russian coast, and land on the Turkish coast near Kiyikoy, at a distance of 100 kilometres to Istanbul. Of the two onshore pipelines, BOTAS will develop the first line in Turkey, which will connect to the Turkish network at Lüleburgaz. The second onshore line, which will run towards the Greek-Turkish border, will be realized jointly by Gazprom and BOTAS. When complete each line will be capable of delivering 15.75 billion cubic metres of gas per year. A single line will be constructed from thousands of individual pipe joints. Each of these pipe joints has an external diameter of about 81 cm and weighs around 9 tonnes. The walls of the pipeline are made up of almost four centimetres of high-quality carbon manganese steel. Pipes laid closer to the shore are coated in concrete for added stability and protection against marine activities.
The TurkStream Gas Pipeline
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